Last Summer in Ireland I had the pleasure to meet this lovely girl called Stephany. I had some ideas for a photo shoot close to the sea and she said yes, which made me really happy. After all, she didn't think twice and jumped in the cold Irish waters for these pictures - and I think that's very brave, I wouldn't do it myself. She really embraced my ideas and I really liked the result. So thank you once again, Stephany. It was a really fun day with you.

The location was also amazing. Bull Island is located in the Dublin Bay area, a really nice spot to visit. This island has a sandy beach and also a big green area with tall grass. So I could create some different vibes for the same photo shoot having these different scenarios at one place. Even though we were at the capital city of Ireland, Bull Island gives me an atmosphere similar to the country side of the West of Ireland, I just can't explain exactly why. To get to the island you have to cross this old wooden bridge. And for me, it seems like a transition that transports me to a magical feeling, that only the raw beauty of this sea-meets-green that Ireland has.

I hope you enjoy.

with love,

Taís - Nýr Dagur Photography