When I was living in Ireland I had the opportunity to meet this lovely couple from South Africa. Thanks to Instagram Domenique and I connected. First, she invited me to an Autumn session in the beautiful Dublin Mountains and that's how our friendship begun. We had lot of things in common, mainly our love for nature and hikes in the mountains. It always amazes me how something like Instagram can open doors to meet people that maybe you will never meet elsewhere. I'm really thankful for this connection and I wished we had more time for going on adventures together.

The time to say bye to Ireland had come and we decided to spend an amazing day in Wicklow together. Domenique and Eben live in this magical place called Wicklow, and how lucky they are to live very close to this stunning scenery. I keep this day in a very special place in my heart, how nice it was! We had a lovely hike along the coast, enjoying a beautiful weather and this was where this photo session took place.

it was special to capture their love in this beautiful location that is very dear to them. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

with love,

Taís - Nýr Dagur Photography & Pyrography